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The Dream Book- Part 1

I guess you have heard thoughts in this direction: ‘Ideas have wings; they can fly.’ This is as true as it is simple. Ideas are thoughts, and just like every other thought we have, we are not guaranteed we will remember them or at least not as detailed as they were when they first embraced the chambers of our minds. If we can forget the details of events we played a part in think how blurry the details of a simple thought we have can become in just 12 hours. I saw this at “According to the International Listening Association, within twenty-four hours, we forget half of any information we’ve heard. Forty-eight hours later, we’ve forgotten 75 percent of it. And we don’t grasp everything we hear in the first place. But these numbers change when what we hear is repeated. And the more it’s repeated, the better the numbers look.” This simply means an idea not shared is more likely to be forgotten than one shared because when we share we actually hear ourselves speak. But today I have a remedy to shut the door on any idea you will have hence forth.

Before I give you this proven remedy, let me chip in a very necessary thought. Ideas are the engine rooms of a fulfilled destiny. When we focus on a course of action or a direction of living, our mind, spirit and body become hypersensitive to anything, tangible and intangible, that will further propel us in our chosen direction. This is the simple reason God uses mental seeds when He leads us. Ask 90% (I made this figure up, but I think I am pretty close) of business entrepreneurs and you will discover their very successful business started with one simple thought. The difference between their thought-turned-reality and the countless ideas you have had is their ability to capture it successfully. And here is my remedy:


If ideas have wings and can fly, words—written words—are the chains that bind these volatile feathered beings to the castles of our mind.

My remedy is a DREAM BOOK; a book that has all the ideas you will ever have from this second henceforth, no matter how flimsy and outlandish they might seem. It might be a diary, journal or even your tablet or smart phone. I have a friend that mails himself ideas he gets just so that he captures them. However possible, capture those straying thoughts.

If ideas rule the world, think of how many Spartan warriors you have let slip through your fingers—warriors that would have conquered the world. So today, I proffer a training camp of sought for every idea you will have. On the pages of this book will be words that represent territories you will conquer. On the lines of this safe house will be sentences that will unlock universes to you. I offer you the world. I offer you your destiny. I offer you your life like it should be!

Get your dream book today. Get a pen. Switch on your iPad, iPhone or whatever device you use and get to writing. Arm yourself with a net that will capture every flying idea. I sleep with my iPad by my head, just in case I get inspired in the night. I suggest you do this too. Ideas can come anytime; you need to be prepared ahead of time.

Get your dream book today, and start the living the rest of your life in a higher dimension that you ever imagined.

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