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4 Ways To Fight Temptations

We all have weak spots. Anyone who claims to be immune to every kind of distraction is a big fat liar. Everyone has that one thing, or maybe two or three, which we could swim through seven seas, cross seven valleys and climb seven mountains to get. It’s just a matter of coming face to face with your weakness and you understand what I mean. Here’s how to handle and grow greater than your weakness.

  1. ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR WEAKNESS: Until we are willing to be honest with ourselves, we will never get the help we need. Until you accept there is something you could fall for, you are not ready to get the necessary help you need. So first and foremost, point out and acknowledge what your weakness is.

  2. BE WILLING TO GET HELP: If we are sincere with ourselves, we know we cannot handle our weaknesses on our own if not we would have done so by now. It’s time to get the help you need. Get a confidant. Get in the company of people who challenge you to grow. Get a Life Coach. Do something to help yourself. You need the help; go and get it.

  3. RUN IF YOU HAVE TO: There is no way around this: Run if you have to! Get out situation. Get out of the room. Get out of the bed. Don’t say another word. Do anything to escape the scene. Until you are able to withstand the pressure on your weak spot, why stand and fight? Makes no sense.

  4. GET INTO RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. It’s called your weak point because you don’t have the answer to it. Isn’t it time to connect with a higher authority and hence access a new life power than you currently have? Being in relationship with God is the surest way to grow past the challenges of your weak point. I am not saying it kills off the challenge. No. Here is what I mean: With God you are guaranteed strength in your weaknesses, and grace when you fall short. Isn’t that awesome? Nothing beats it!

It’s time to grow past your weakness. It’s time to stop the cycle. It’s time to break free.

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