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Curiosity: Unlocking The Child In You

I am fascinated by Joel, my 11 month old son. I remember when walking was all we wanted for him and now we can’t get him to sit still. From the moment he discovered his freedom, life has not been the same for I and my wife. He just wants to walk. To the kitchen and back. To the front door and back. To the keyboard, bang on the keys for three minutes while screaming (channeling his inner Ray Charles), and back. He won't stop. It’s still awesome to see him swing his hands as he places one foot in front of the other. AWESOME! Enough of the sweet baby talk and onto my point. Joel’s walking only added a higher dimension to his curiosity. From the moment he was born (I think so), he has been curious. Looking, gazing, wondering at sights, smells and sounds, and most interesting of all, tasting. My son leads with his tongue. Everything gets a lick. I fear for him sometimes, but that’s what makes him awesome! I guess that since he has come to trust his tongue, this trusted organ guides his curiosity. He wants to learn as much as his little brain can process.

When last did you stop and wonder about something new? When last did you ask ‘Why’? When last did you look beyond the surface? When last did we experience near-reckless curiosity?

Inside everyone of us is a child reaching out to discover a world full of wonder. It’s time to unlock your inner ‘Joel’ and go lick some new things. Read a book in a different genre than you’re used to. Go to a rock concert! Travel to another continent. Do something new. Walk like you just discovered your feet. Lick everything and discover the beautiful unique tastes that fill our world. Unlock the child in you!

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