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Developing A Child-Like Attitude In Our Relationship With God

The most important relationship anyone could have is a relationship with God. It nurtures the entirety of our being. And when talking about relationships, nothing is as important as our mental attitude. The way we view God and our relationship with Him goes a long way to determine our appreciation and dedication of this awesome being and loving relationship. As I thought about the best possible mindset that would foster a fresh, enduring connection with my Maker, one scripture came to me.

Then people began to bring babies to him so that he could put his hands on them. But when the disciples noticed it, they frowned on them. But Jesus called them to him, and said, “You must let little children come to me, and you must never prevent their coming. The kingdom of God belongs to little children like these. I tell you, the man who will not accept the kingdom of God like a little child will never get into it at all.”(1)

In summary, to completely reap the benefits of a relationship with God, we must approach Him like a child. It sounds simple, but when you realize that you have done everything, from your early teenage years, to prove you are no longer a child, the complexity of this dimension becomes glaring.

So what are the makings of a child.

  1. Children have fun! The smiles, giggles and laughter of a child are one of the most exciting experiences life has to offer. The bright look in a child’s eye when he or she has been tickled is priceless. Kids just enjoy life. They play with their friends, and with their parents too. Any object can be a toy as long as it can be manipulated in the least possible way. Even babies begin to enjoy themselves once they can move their hands and feet. It’s instinctive. God wants us to enjoy life with Him. There is no need for the ‘seriousness’ that has built up these walls of religion around us. It’s time to enjoy God. Cry when you feel like, smile when He whispers sweet ‘nothings’ in your ears, laugh when He blows your mind with a breakthrough you never expected. In all, have fun with God.

  2. Children believe completely! Ever had a child run to you when they are scared? At least you have seen that in the movies. Children believe any adult they know, especially their parents, can beat any scary being that they ever encounter. They just believe you are super-human, and they explore it. They hide their heads in your bosom, squeeze your hands when they are startled and run to your room when the thunder claps. As we grew up, we learnt how to fend for ourselves and not run to our parents. This is good in the physical realm—you’re an adult—but God wants that naïve, child-like belief back. He wants you to run to Him when you are scared and overwhelmed. He doesn’t want to be the last option; He wants to be the first and only source of your strength and wisdom. With faith in God as little as a mustard seed, we can move mountains. With faith like a child’s, we can definitely move planets! Believe like a child.

  3. Children are eager to learn! They ask many questions and soak up information like sponges. Children want new experiences; they are adventurous. Children imitate the adults around them, hence the need to be careful how we conduct ourselves around them. God wants us to live like He does. We were created in His image and likeness, to be and function like Him. The Bible is a manual on how God operates—it is spelled out in plain words. It’s time to embrace the child in us and pattern our lives after our Father.

  4. Children grow! One of the most powerful experiences in life is growth. One day you can fit into your best pajamas and the next, your legs and arms stick out like you stole your younger brothers’. It awesome, as a parent, to watch your children grow. God wants to see you grow too! He wants you to become more and more like him. This maturity doesn’t contradict the child-like nature, it just ensures we become more and more like our Father like we were meant to. Just like a father is happy when his son is said to look like him, God wants people to look at you and see the semblance with God.


Enjoying a relationship with our Father is best when we develop a child-like attitude to Him. God wants us to enjoy the full measure of our relationship with Him; He wants us to be in loving union with Him. It’s time to unlock the child in you, that creative exuberant nature that positions you to enjoy the love of your Father.


1Luke 18:15-17(PHILLIPS)

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