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Even Arm Wrestling Has Rules!

Every field of endeavor has a set of rules that guides it. Be it soccer, middle school, writing code or mud wrestling; there are always guidelines that delineate what is acceptable conduct and what is not. Some people see this as being boxed in. I don't necessarily think so. It's not much of a box than it is a line that establishes the play area. One of the rules in the game of basketball is 'No Traveling'. Proficiency dictates that you understand what the rule entails and apply it as intelligently and efficiently as possible. No matter how gifted a baller you are, there will be penalties for 'traveling'.  Mastery usually speaks to discipline. You cannot master what has not been clearly defined. If there are no guidelines, there are no experts. Just as there are no kings without clearly defined kingdoms and no dominions without borders of domain, there are no specialties without specifics.

Let's dump this rampant disregard for rules and disciplines in the name of 'out-of-the-box' thinking and living, and embrace prowess and adroitness.

So for the sake of proficiency, excellence, mastery (and every great thing that could be), learn the rules, apply them diligently and intelligently...and then break them if you must!

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