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Experience Might Be Overrated

What other giants did David kill before Goliath? What other nations did Moses deliver before the nation of Israel? Moses again…. What other Seas did Moses part before the Red Sea? What other Apple did Steve Jobs start before he changed the scape of technology with Apple? What other basketball league did Michael Jordan rule before the NBA? What other babies did my beautiful wife carry before she carried my handsome son? I can go on for days!

Who said you need to be experienced to try something new? Isn’t experienced gained in practice? What if the first chance you get to try is the only chance you’d ever get? Would you let inexperience rob you of greatness?

What if your first book is the only best seller you’d write? Would you let inexperience rob you of that? What if your first movie is the best role you’ll ever be cast in? What’s it worth to you?

I get the nervousness inexperience evokes. I get the scare and terror. I get the shaky hands and cold sweats. I get the restless sleepless nights. I also get the heart-racing, blood-boiling, eye-popping feeling victory and success elicits. I’ll trade that for anything. Experience is overrated!

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