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Finding and Using Your Quiet Place

I just discovered something. Now this might sound dumb to some of you, but I think you can learn from my experience. Just stay with me on this. I just discovered that my mind is clearest in the bathroom!!! Ridiculous, I know, but it is! When I shower, I think the clearest. It’s as if everything thing just gets dusted off and shines. I clearly separate the red and blue in the purple. It’s an awesome feeling.

I remember in medical school, I took my bath no less than five times on some days, especially days leading up to tough exams and test. The many branches of Medicine and Surgery just seemed to make sense when the water poured over my head.


It’s easy to lose focus and direction when you are the Principal Life Coach at your Life Coaching Institute, the Creative Director and Chief Web Application Developer at your Brand Development and Graphic Design Company, a part-time Web Master of an awesome organization, keyboardist in an outrageous band, part of a sermon-development team in a dynamic church and so many other things added to being the husband of the most beautiful lady on the planet.

Many of us have lives full to the brim with little or no space for any other commitments if we are to stay sane. And stay sane, we must. So why not get a quiet place. A quiet place is…

  • A place where your thoughts can align. • A place where the purpose of your mundane routine is evaluated, and adjusted if needed. • A place where you think NOTHING. A place where your mind takes a breather. • A place where your body takes a rest too. • A place where your spirit is rejuvenated and brought to life. • A place to just…be.

So why do we need a quiet place? Here are some reasons:

  • To avoid burnouts • To unleash your creativity • To gain perspective • To understand and readjust direction • To just…rest…think…recharge

So be it your bathroom (like me) or your car like someone I know, get a quiet place and use it. It’s there for a reason!

Where is your quiet place and how have you benefited from using it.

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