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Five Words And Phrases You Need To Master

Words direct the cause of our lives because of the profound effects they have on the entirety of our beings. Here are some words you need to master to live to your fullest.


This activates your spirit, conditions your mind, and motivates your body to reach out and do!


Against popular opinions and perspectives, ‘No’ is not a negative word. It is a word that indicates that you are positive about what it is you don’t want to do. ‘No’ ensures you are not spread thin; it serves as a watchman on your wall.


Gratitude is a virtue of limitless value. ‘Thank You’ says ‘I am grateful for your part in my success.’ Not only does it gladden the heart that receives it, it positions you to get more from them.


Some decisions need time to make. Sometimes the time is for nothing more than gaining confidence that you are ready to bear whatever walks through the door. Don’t rush into any decision, but don’t kill initiatives and creativity with your delay either.


Another compound word that doesn’t deserve the negative press. Good-bye and Bye-bye can be interchanged, but I like the ‘Good’ in the ‘Good-bye’. It shows that cutting off at times might just be the solution to your problems. Master this word and live a life free of weights and unnecessary hold-ups.

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