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Super Models: Who Does Your Life Model?

Today, it is not unusual to hear the question, “What are you wearing?” or in some cases, “Who are you wearing?” Modeling used to be restricted to the slim figures that strutted their stuff on  runways in New York, Paris or Madrid during one of the many fashion weeks for one of the many fashion designers we have today, but the trend has changed. You cannot watch a red carpet event these days without the hearing these. It’s like there is a craze to know what designer you are wearing. The use for the information? I don’t know. Have these designers made a pact with entertainment show hosts or media houses to have their products cheaply advertised? We may never know, but what we will ever know is the names of the designers of the dresses, shoes, suits and jewelry of the man and woman next door—celebrity or not.

You and I have been caught in the trend too. I find myself looking at the label of a good shirt or suit to see it’s designer and if the designer is one of my favorites, leaving the shop without that piece of clothing would feel like dragging a three-year old out of an ice cream parlor. We even as much as ask our friends for the designer of the clothes they have on. It’s as if there is more importance placed on names rather than on the dresses themselves. Style takes backseat to designer names. So like it or not, we all are models. Runway or dusty streets, we are under the scrutiny of the rest of the world. The world wants to know who we are wearing

I don’t believe modeling is restricted to clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry. We model our lives too. People look at us every day and don’t have to ask us what designer we are wearing because, unlike pieces of clothing, our lifestyle-designer is pretty obvious to the plain eye. No matter what anyone will say, you are either wearing God or wearing the devil—and believe me, the devil doesn’t wear Prada.

You words, actions, attitudes and choices are all designer-products from either God or the devil. The designer you shop from the most determines the trend of your lifestyle-wardrobe. One minute with you and the next person can almost predict what your life-style wardrobe is like. For some people three seconds is all you need. We call them vibes, signals, energy, attitudes and so on. Anyone who encounters you can tell whether or not you shop from his or her designer or not. If they shop from God’s fashion collection, they will know if you share designers or not.

So the question today is this: “Who do you wear every day?” Which of the two designers have you dedicated your personal style to? Where do you shop for your lifestyle?

Look at one of the quotes from The Lifestyle Design Bestseller.

But now put away and rid yourselves [completely] of all these things: anger, rage, bad feeling toward others, curses and slander, and foulmouthed abuse and shameful utterances from your lips! … you have stripped off the old (unregenerate) self with its evil practices, And have clothed yourselves with the new [spiritual self], which is [ever in the process of being] renewed and remolded into [fuller and more perfect knowledge upon] knowledge after the image (the likeness) of Him Who created it. Clothe yourselves therefore, as God's own chosen ones (His own picked representatives) …by putting on behavior marked by] tenderhearted pity and mercy, kind feeling, a lowly opinion of yourselves, gentle ways, [and] patience [which is tireless and long-suffering, and has the power to endure whatever comes, with good temper]. And above all these [put on] love… Colossians 3:8-12,14 (AMP)

Your lifestyle is fashioned after the character of your chosen designer. If you live a positively-charged life, I can easily point to your designer and vice versa. The mistake most of us make is  thinking we can successfully mix these two designers and get away with it. God—the greatest designer, if you doubt me, look around you and see what a beautiful world He created—cannot condone a mixed wardrobe. Is He going to forgive you if you slip up? Yes, He will, but He also wants you to mature to a stead were all your lifestyle decisions are based off of His collection. And believe me, it pays to model for God.

The blessings of modeling for God far supersedes any temporary gain modeling for the opposite camp could ever yield. God has chosen you to be His representatives (models) here on earth. The world will know God because of how well we model Him. If the world has a thwarted sense or perception of God, it is because we have not worn Him the way we should. The world will know an excellent God if we model an excellent lifestyle.

Who are you wearing in your office, at the mall, at school, at home, at the movies, in front of your children and in the quiet spaces behind closed doors? People have recognized an European bent on my fashion preferences because they have seen a few of my fashion decisions. The same thing applies to you. If you claim your designer is God, the world should know that by looking at just a few of your lifestyle decisions. Remember, the worlds perception of God is majorly dependent on how well we wear Him.

We are all super models, the question is, ‘Who are you modeling?’.

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