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Managing Horrible Employee-Employer Relationships-Part 2

Last time we out, we started a discussing on managing office relationships, especially one with a boss/employer who doesn't appreciate you or your work.

How To Deal With A Horrible Employer-Employee Relationship

  1. Keep up the good work. Now this is the most important tip I could give you. As regards your expected office duties, there must be no reason to complain. Your work must be spectacular and improving by the day. The easiest way to silence a difficult boss is getting as close as you can to indispensability. Nothing feels as good as knowing that no matter how much your boss dislikes you, he or she can’t fire because of your invaluable role and results. It makes it easier to bear. So when the heat is turned up, take your excellence a notch higher.

  2. Have  someone speak to him or her. You must be careful with this as it could escalate things. If you think someone has the ear of your boss, have him or her speak to the former. The objective is not necessarily to solicit for an easier treatment (that would be lovely too), but to understand why. If in the end there is not tangible reason, at least you know it’s nothing you can change, and all you have to do is keep up your good work and expect nothing, emotionally, from him or her.

  3. Don’t compromise your standards. There have been reports of bosses who have made office-life a living hell for employees who have refused to break the bounds of their personal convictions and standards. If this is the case, never compromise. Adjust your mind to your working conditions and move on. Compromise doesn’t yield any good in the end. I have heard stories of people who bent their rules for other people and that didn’t change a thing; dislike just changed to disgust and disrespect. Stick to your guns. You, and you alone, will live with the consequences of your decisions.

  4. Pray for favor. This should be your first port of call. When you can’t understand something, it’s best to call on a power that, can not only understand, but change the situation. I love the story of Joseph in Genesis, because no matter how badly he was treated, by his elder brothers or his master, his faithfulness to God always attracted the favor of God. Wherever he went, he enjoyed the goodness of his master like no one before him. Prayer works.


No situation is non-navigable. There is always a survival route. The tips above can be used in their entirety or in a combination that works for you, but if push comes to shove and you cannot hold onto the crux of your being, please leave. There is no price to your sanity and peace. It’s better to be sane and alive than deadened emotionally.

Office relationships, employee-employer relationship can be managed right in order to maintain a great working atmosphere and increase productivity.

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