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More Than Words

I recently saw the movie, A THOUSAND WORDS, Eddie Murphy gave an awesome performance. Loved it. But it got me thinking and I decided to share my thoughts with you. In the movie, Jack (the character Eddie plays) is known for his truckload of words. He was the most natural salesman I ever witnessed work. He either convinced or confused the people he talked to. He lied, exaggerated, fabricated and embellished situations to meet his needs.

The plot took a twist when Eddie lied to a spiritual leader. In some unexplainable way, his words, and life, were linked to this tree that magically appeared in his backyard. The long and short of the story is this: For every word Jack spoke, wrote or gestured, a leaf would fall off the tree. And like the spiritual leader asked, “What happens when a tree looses all it’s leaves?” Jack embraced his new reality. “I could die!?!”, he screamed.

Why all the long story? What if every word you ever spoke or wrote was one second closer to your actual physical death? What if you lost a minute for every word you ever spoke? What if you had a hundred words left, how would you use your every word?

It got me thinking: How much value do my words have? How effective are my words? How much positive impact have my words had? Have I changed any lives with my words?

We use thousands of words every day. Most them are thoughtless and could well have not been spoken. But what if today every word you ever spoke hence was geared at making a positive impact on the life of the hearer or reader? What if you decide from today to teach, motivate, encourage, support, praise with your words? What if you stopped complaining, backbiting, gossiping, discouraging, putting people down with your words? What if you never spoke another idle word? Wow! It would be awesome!

Okay. So here is my challenge. Mind your words. Mind your language. Make every word count. Here in lies the impact you are looking for. Here is an easy way to achieve this: What if we published a book that contained every word you ever spoke henceforth, would it be a bestseller?

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it [for death or life]. Proverbs18:21, AMP
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