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One Way to Know You Have Settled

Drive is pure. Drive is tangible. Drive is measurable. Drive is substantive. Drive is transferable. Drive is exhaustible.

How do you know when your drive has waned? How do you know when you have settled for what you have and just that? How do you know when you have stopped reaching for more? How do you know when the present is all that it is, and there is no picture of a possible future? How do you know when there is no active endeavor to dream?

One of the words that come to mind is COASTING. When we coast, we use less energy and work against the least possible resistance. Coasting assumes that everything is going your way, and hence there is no need to push. Coasting is a state of rest and passive activity, at the most.

On one hand, we all need to rest, especially in the fast-paced world we live in. Now and then we need to take our feet off the gas and ride the wind and momentum. But this cannot become the norm. Just like a car, if you keep our feet off the gas long enough you will come to a grinding halt. It takes drive, gas and push to move from one reality to the next.

It take some effort to dream and even more effort to do what it takes to bring the dream to life. You cannot achieve greatness while coasting. You cannot settle for what you have now and wish the future to be. Excellence is a constant pursuit; it is a journey that only happens with an intentional one-step-ahead-of-the-next process.

Are you coasting? Have you lost your drive? Have you fought so hard, you have lost your fight? Have you settled for what you have and are at the expense of what could be? I have some encouragement for you: It is worth it. The energy you have spent and will spend is worth the reward of fulfilling your purpose. The hurts, the challenges, the walls you have to climb or break through are priceless. Don’t coast. Don’t make inactivity the order of the day. Dream again. Come alive again. Go to work again. Write again. Dance again. Build again. Do what you are born to do now! It makes a difference; it makes a world of difference. It makes the world a better place.

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