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People Create Environments

I am on a church staff. An awesome church staff. Part of our responsibility is to create the right environment for spiritual, supernatural impact and growth.Sometimes, we find ourselves trapped in the muddy waters of making sure the room is right with the proper lights, design and flow that necessitates our goals.  Other times we go to the next level to make sure the curriculum is airtight, but simple enough for transmission and absorption. These endeavors are awesome, but they could cloud us from the key element in creating environments: People.

People truly create environments. People stimulate feelings. People inspire community. If I put you in a room with the right ambience, right acoustics, but a hostile group of people, I can guarantee you will feel insecure and on edge. Walk into a room with the best news of your life and watch your joy be quenched if the people in the room do not feel as excited as you do. Why do we limit the guests at our birthday or wedding parties to friends? We want people who will create that environment for celebration. That is the power people. Maybe it’s the human spirit or the human countenance, but something about the people around us defines our environment.

Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces. Proverbs 13:20 (MSG)

What if you decided that the from now on, only people who created the right environment around you would be allowed near you? What if you decided that you would only pay attention and invest strength and time in relationships that made you a better person? What if you paid more attention to the people who defined the atmosphere you lived in? I can almost guarantee you would see a massive change in the buzz around you, for the better! Some once said, ‘Your friends must double your joy and cut your pain in half’. Awesome stuff.

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