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The Art of Futureless Living

What if you remained 22, 32, 42 or 52 forever? What if you remained with the same company forever, doing the same job? What if you remained single forever? What if your bank balance remained as it is now, forever? What if your marriage will forever be what it is right now? What if your forever is what ever it is now? What if there was no future and all we ever had and would ever have was here and now? That would be a real scare! This raises a desperate question: Is your 'now' as great as it can be?

I think the challenge here is that you and I make the best life we can today! Run your fastest. Your personal best can’t be in the past. Push your hardest. Study your hardest. Write your best. Sing your loudest. Do you best to make the most of what you have now. Today is a gift—a rare gift—use it to make the best possible ‘you'.

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