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The 'Awesome Friend' Checklist

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a filter or checklist you could make friends by? I wish I had one earlier, but here is a list you could use a guide for your relationship.

  • Do they challenge your current level of performance?

  • Are they truthful and honest with you?

  • How do they handle disagreements with you?

  • Are they there during the hard, dark and confusing times?

  • Do they encourage the God in you?

  • Do they pour into you?

  • Do you have fun with them?

  • Can they stand you being blessed?

  • Are they about their life's purpose?

  • Do they share your value system?

  • Are they gracious during disagreements or conflict?

  • Are they trustworthy and loyal?

  • Are they more than there during times of hardship, are they encouraging and supportive?

  • Can they speak life?

  • Do they speak to your purpose and potential, rather than your insecurities and former mistakes?

  • Do they show care and concern for your family?

  • Can they reciprocate, not to the letter, but with good, love-giving deposits?

  • Do they listen to you?

Every relationship must be done in purpose and for purpose. I hope this checklist helps you choose wiser.

What other things do you think we can check for in friends?

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