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The Dream Book- Part 2

Last time out we started talking about Dream Books. We established that Dream Books are the chains that secure the volatile beasts called ideas. Ideas are fleeting, and if they will be maximized, they must first be captured and thoroughly explored. Logically, the next question would be ‘Why the Dream Book?’

My answer would be ‘Why not?’ I don’t see any reason why any person who takes purpose and destiny serious can go around without having a little book somewhere that contains all their dreams, and fantasies. Someone once said something in the lines of ‘Everything we see now was once an idea.’ Every invention we enjoy today was once a captured thought. And until we capture our ideas, we cannot explore them.

Ok, I wouldn’t just give you that short answer; that would be rude. Let me break down some reasons why you should have a Dream book.


  • Because you can’t remember every thought. You cannot remember every single thought you will have today, let alone one month’s worth. I can’t say this enough: Ideas have wings; they fly. Your book is going to be a fortress of thoughts, that might not make sense now, but will in the nearest future.

  • Because only captured thoughts rule the world. You cannot explore what you have not captured. Picture this: until the patient is strapped down and placed under anesthesia,  surgery cannot go on. Or until a suspect is caught, he or she cannot be questioned. Until an idea has been planted, it cannot be explored for strategy. Or imagine the specimen viewed under a microscope; it must first be secured on the slide. Many people are living below their best possible life because they have not been able to take advantage of the greatness locked in the very many ideas they have let slip from their fingers. Recollection is the very first step of Idea Processing. There is a greater need for exploration. I will discuss Idea Processing sometime in the future.

  • Because you cannot focus on something you cannot see. Sometime ago my wife and some of her friends came up with this idea for a Dream Board. On that board they were supposed to paste some cut-out pictures that represented their dreams. My wife did hers and placed it on the bookshelf in the hallway. I remember that some decisions we have made especially as concerns her have really patterned after her Dream Board. Knowingly or not, we realized we had focused on the ‘dreams’ she had expressed on her board. Focus is the key to speed.  A sprinter doesn’t care much about the other lanes as he does sticking to his lane and finishing the race. I read this sometime ago: “…Write the vision. Make it clear…so that anyone can read it quickly.” 1Focus whispers ‘Yes’, but screams ‘No’. Once your eyes are latched onto the idea of your purpose and vision, there then is no stopping you.

  • Because you cannot become what you cannot see. A story comes to mind. In Genesis 30 and 31, an account of the power of a captured idea is vividly portrayed. Jacob had been cheated off his rights, but God gave him a great idea. When the animals came to drink water and mate, “… Jacob took fresh rods of poplar and almond and plane trees and peeled white streaks in them, exposing the white in the rods. Then he set the rods which he had peeled in front of the flocks in the watering troughs where the flocks came to drink. And since they bred and conceived when they came to drink, the flocks bred and conceived in sight of the rods and brought forth lambs and kids streaked, speckled, and spotted.”2 For some strange scientific or miraculous reason, these animals gave birth to what captured their attention. An idea can only rule the world when it captures the totality of the bearer. Until we become the embodiment of our ideas, we cannot fully unlock it’s potentials. QED.

In conclusion, share one of my favorite quotes:

In generosity, part your fingers. In ideas, lock them up. Every idea captured carries with it the potential for greatness.

1 Habakkuk 2:2, GWT

2 Genesis 30:37-39, AMP

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