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The One Reason I Hate New Year Resolutions

Ok. This might sound like I am venting, probably because I am. It took me 12 days to go back to the gym this new year. 12 days. I might have worked out for about eight of those, but you get my point.

As I got dressed, I queried myself. What held me back this long? Why did it take me 12 whole days to start on something I promised I was going to be consistent with? Why was there so much reluctance and hesitancy? What didn’t I do this earlier?

One word came to mind, one, which I think, explains it all: INERTIA.

The difficulty—my difficulty—with new year resolutions is that it means a new start. This promise is a commitment to a fresh start. With a start, comes the need for strategy. And developing strategy presents the excuse for time spent, or in my case, time wasted.

These past 12 days, I experienced inertia: a subtle resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion, including changes to its speed and direction. It’s easier to stay in motion when you are already in motion. It’s easier to eat healthy once you start. It’s easier to read a book once you start. It’s easier to journal once you start. It will be easier to go to the gym once I get back in there. I just need to make it through the doors.

So wish me luck and don’t let inertia hold you back from your goals this year. Inertia, the one thing I hate about New Year Resolutions.

Vent over!

How is your New Year Resolution experience?

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