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I borrowed my theme from what is considered arguably the most popular poem in American literature. Published in 1916 by Robert Frost, and shrouded with controversy as to it real meaning, the title of this poem has inspired many lives. But I digress.

True to the words, I think the title of this blog speaks for itself. Every once in a while we are faced with roads—decisions, courses of action, changes—that are unpopular and unfamiliar. These journeys we embark on test our courage, our trust in the process, our lock on the vision and desired end. Our attention is pulled to the thistles, thorns, and branches along our way. 

The road less traveled is poorly defined because not many people have trodden its path.  The road less traveled is lonely because few people are brave enough to go alone.  The road less traveled is quiet because the conversations in the minds of the few travelers outweigh the need for small talk.  The road less traveled is narrow because the brave travel singularly. 

If you are going to travel this road, you have to be willing to be

  • Courageous - Only the brave can travel on roads that look nothing like the destination.

  • Trusting - Sometimes, we are placed in processes that lead us down paths we would rather not travel. The road less traveled is stuck with through thick and thin because we trust the process and the One who is in charge of our process.

  • Patient - It takes patience—and sometimes, long-suffering—to stick with the road until the castle is in view. Patience matures our character in ways no other could. 

  • Focused - The road less traveled is poorly defined so our vision must be even more defined. Our eyes must see beyond the greenery. Our minds must compute beyond the low-hanging branches. 

Every once in a while we will be faced with roads—decisions, courses of action, changes, processes—that are unpopular, unfamiliar and sometimes scary. It is up to us to stick with the road and embrace the rigors, and glories that lie ahead. Remember the road less traveled is still traveled. 

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