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The Two Greatest Mistakes You Could Ever Make- Part 1

No one could rightfully claim they have never made mistakes or errors. We are all error-prone, but to different degrees. The fact we have a will and the power to choose means there will always be options and alternatives. If you choose ‘A’, then you must be willing to live with the consequences if ‘B’ turns out to be the right answer. For this reason I am grateful for the Holy Spirit who serves to show me the right way to go. Ok, if I say we all make mistakes, why would I claim in the title that there are two greatest mistakes. What qualified these two mistakes as the greatest and most dangerous of the lot? Before I go into these two entities, let me take the time to explain why they are called out today.

  • First and foremost, these two have nothing to do with anyone else, but us. If we make these mistakes, it’s not because we were left with no choice or we were persuaded to choose at gun point. This is completely our fault if we choose to fall for them.

  • Secondly, anything that can kill your present—your now—is worse than the deadliest diseased CDC could ever report. Nothing beats the gift of this very second, yes, this very second. The fact you are here right now means there is hope for an even better tomorrow.

So what are these mistakes?


Have you ever seen any sane person driving with all his or her concentration on the rearview mirror? Or have you seen any sound person driving forward and looking over their shoulder, through the rear view windshield? When we drive, we look ahead. We look to where we are right now and a few yards ahead. That is the focus of our concentration.

Just as we can’t drive with our eyes on the rear view mirror, we cannot get the best out of life staying focused on what has happened. We cannot live in the regrets of yesterday and hope to unlock the greatness of today. No one is saying don’t learn from the past. But just like we peek at the rear view mirror every once in a while, we should learn from the past and apply the lessons we learn to our today. Take a peek. Get the necessary principles and apply them to our now.

It’s time to say good-bye to your past. My bother once told me, “Your past—what you cannot change—is just information.” Folks, it’s time to press forward. You are alive right now because there is an awesome chance tomorrow will be better than today.

Don’t let the pot-holes you have gone past slow you down. Yes, you hit a bump, but as long as you can move on, press on.

So mistake number one is getting stuck in your past—driving with your eyes on the rear-view mirror.

Watch out for the second mistake.

What are your thoughts?

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