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The Two Greatest Mistakes You Could Ever Make- Part 2

Last time out we started our discussion on the subject. We uncovered the first of the two mistakes. You can find that here. No sane person would drive forward successfully with his or her eyes locked on the rear-view mirror. You are bound to crash. There are lessons to be learnt, no doubt, but for the best results, we must pick up the necessary principles and apply them to our now lives.

So what’s the second greatest mistake?


If you noticed, I used the word ‘glare’. I was intentional. I believe your future is so bright you’d need a pair of sunglasses to look at them (I heard that from someone).

Ok. There are a few tricky things about the future. The future can be a huge inspiration that could trigger a revolution. The prospects of a better tomorrow can keep the heart of a dying man beating. But the future can also be crippling. Let me explain.

I have this GPS device that not only tells me how to get to my destination and how long it would take, but it tells me if there is any traffic along the chosen path and how many more minutes would be added to my travel time due to it. It’s a blessing, but it can also pose a challenge if I don’t take it very well. If I feel lazy on any given day, the extra minutes can be enough reason to hang my boots on the assignment.

Some of us have dropped the ball on the responsibilities of our desired future because we are exposed to the challenges that accompany it. Here, in this given instance, what once motivated you begins to slow you down.

The GPS is a symbol of our future. We lock in our dream and follow the directives to the Promised Land. The question is this: Would you drive with your eyes fixed on the GPS? My guess is ‘No’! You would steal a glance every once in a while to ensure you were headed in the right direction. The GPS would serve as a guide and no necessarily the focus of your attention.

Ok, one more illustration. Think of a running back that focused so much on the end-zone that he failed to pay the necessary attention to the army running to tackle him. Or the soccer player who was so concentrated on running towards the opponent’s goal that they failed to give the effort necessary to go past the defenders right in front of him. My guess is that none of these athletes would reach their desired ends.


So what am I saying? The short version of this tale is this: every good driver has an awesome understanding of where they are coming from—the rear view mirror is well-positioned—and they have a good handle on the way to the destination, but the focus in on the road right ahead. The emphasis is on now.

Loose the chains that bind you the past. Keep your eyes on the road right ahead of you, learn from the past, get inspired by the future and your journey will be as successful as it could possibly be!

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