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The Yellow Light- Get Ready!

After my last blog on 'The Red Light', I got thinking, 'What is the significance of the Yellow Light?'. Why didn't the normal traffic light just go from red to green? Why do we have a 'set' or 'get ready' between the 'on your marks' and 'go'? What Is the significance of the yellow light? If the red light says 'stop' and the green says 'go', what are we supposed to do in between? I think it's as simple as it sounds: Get ready!

Many of us have been so consumed by our vision, mission and passion that we forget the most vital of all the steps: the actual preparation for the assignment. It's like a student spending all his waking hours dreaming of and demanding for an exam instead of actually reading for it. You can guess how well he would do.

It's funny how much people hate the red light yet during their wait for the green light, they get a lot done. Ladies apply finishing touches to their makeup, their hair and other elements of their beauty. Others, including men, take a big bite of that burger that has gotten cold seating on the passenger seat. New drivers adjust their mirrors, reply text messages and change CDs. So much happens in this period and if we are frank, we are silently appreciative of the yellow light.

What do you do during the 'Yellow Light' seasons? Prepare. Adjust. Rest. Relax. Grow. Get ready!

The 'Yellow Light' is that nine months the mother has to adjust her mindset for the new addition to the family. It is when the nursery gets painted, the cot bought and the family re-positions for the awesome blessing to their lives. Just imagine what it would be like if the day after you conceived, you delivered. You really would not be prepared! It can be painful, but thank God for the yellow light.

The 'Yellow Light' is your opportunity to read that book, take that course, learn that skill, adjust your resume, and do another thing that makes for greater impact when the light turns green.

Don't waste your time wishing the light turned green and get busy preparing for when you are given a go ahead!

Use your 'Yellow Light'.

In what other ways can we use this period wisely?

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