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What Is Faith, Simple Faith?

Faith is an awesome word in all of its essence. It describes more than a few things. From our religious biases to the mechanism of our belief, we describe our faith. But what is faith, like simple faith? Here are my thoughts (I will try to explain by discussing what I think FAITH isn't)

  1. Faith is NOT hope. Hope is just an inch away from wishful thinking. Hope is helpless and submitted to fate, or like I choose to say, consequence. Hope almost leaves our futures and pictures to 'the forces'. The perfect picture for hope is the man at the beautiful gate. He looked on every passerby hoping his crippled legs would tug at their hearts and most importantly their pockets. He had no say in the matter.  But this is not faith! Faith requires responsibility.

  2. Faith is NOT just belief. Belief is a mental conviction of a definite possibility. It requires no actions. It is not a tangible element. Yes, it can fill up and consume its bearer, but until action is undertaken, it remains just belief. Belief is just one step away from faith, the one step being action.

  3. Faith is not INTANGIBLE. Faith can be see, heard and touched. Faith is measurable. If not why would the Bible say faith is an evidence? Faith demands you take a part in painting the picture of your future. Faith doesn't believe in fate, it's actions direct the course of our lives. Faith partners with God to bring about our dreams. Faith is jumping up on your feet, and not waiting and wishing someone will come by and pull you up.

And so there we are. Faith is the evidence that we belief in a God that can do all things. Faith is not activated until we act. So I ask, show me your faith, don't tell me you have faith. Show me.

What is faith to you?

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