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What Makes The Best?

Is it fame and popularity?Or efficiency and cost-effectiveness? Or success and victory? Or noted and applauded?

I think BEST is about distinction. And distinction is made of two equally important halves: excellence and difference.

Sometimes we focus so much on fleeing mediocrity that we forget to hone what makes us different. We focus so much on winning the race that we forget to run in our lane.

We have concentrated all our efforts on winning the award for the BEST CLONE! We have locked ourselves into being the best of what everyone else is or wants to be.

BEST is being yourself. BEST is discovering what makes you the horse amongst sheep and working it. BEST is being the only horse in the stable and being comfortable with that!

BEST must only be appreciated when it pays homage to what makes you different. Nothing less will do.

And the award for the BEST goes to...

What are your thoughts?

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