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When Push Comes to Shove

One of the hardest things in life is waiting on the fulfillment of a promise. Often times, the usual response to waiting is an impatient glance upwards at God. The understatement of the moment is, “When will this come to pass?” What we fail to realize is that in the moments of wait are infinite opportunities to grow and maximize what we may already have before us. The temptation might be to fold our arms in hopes that our silent pouts will coerce the hands of God to move on our behalf at a rate that is seemingly conducive to our preferences. Our silent protests provide a falsified belief that our anxiety can actually constitute serious reactions such as life and death.

However, the beauty in a promise is knowing that it has to be fulfilled. Despite our minor tantrums, there is always going to be a fulfilled promise. It does not obey the law of our time, but obeys the law of God, the one who provided the promise to begin with.

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